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What our videos will do for you
Video will be your #1 online marketing tool, telling your
  business/non-profit story to potential customers 24/7.
* A marketing video pays dividends: It remains an asset to your 
  organization well into the future.

Our promise to clients:
* You get a high impact marketing video of national caliber
* You receive excellent customer service
* You get noticed: Clients tell us that their target audience has  
   told them how persuasive and effective our videos are
* You get results

Video production process:
* Write: We craft your message and call to action
* Plan: Our production maximizes your time and money
* Shoot: The video shoot is the result of a carefully planned
  co-strategy where everything is in place and ready to go 
  before we even hit record or set up the lights. When it comes
  to the day of the shoot we know exactly who we're
  interviewing and which locations we'll be using. Our favorite
  words are "organized" and "orderly."
* Edit: When we edit the video, we bring your story to life by
  connecting the interviews with music and a narrative that is
  consistent with your brand.
* Optimize: We make the most out of your video by putting 
  together a targeted distribution plan

Our ultimate goal is to make sure our clients are not just satisfied with our work but that we've exceeded their expectations. 
It's no wonder our business has thrived by word of mouth from satisfied clients.

Serving corporate to small business and non-profits 
Rochester, Syracuse, Watertown and Buffalo, NY.  We travel throughout New York State and the USA.

Please contact us today for a free consultation.





Since 1999